Continuance Planning For Dental Practices

You’ve spent a lifetime building your dental practice. 
Let our team help you create a plan for your practice for down the road. 

Without proper planning, the sudden disability or premature death of a practice owner may result in the business being liquidated or sold to outside parties.

A practice may lose significant value after a period of 60 days following a catastrophic disability or death of a dentist.

The stress on your staff during uncertain times can be overwhelming

Surviving family members may have to become active in the business

Income drops significantly

Patients may seek alternative arrangements

Having a Practice Continuance Plan in place helps ensure the viability of a practice during the critical time!

It’s never easy to contemplate catastrophes, but proper planning can provide a level of assurance that critical matters are covered and a plan is ready to be implemented if the need arises. 

Ready to Start the Transition Journey?

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